How to use Panasonic wet dry shaver

Panasonic wet dry shaver is the shaver come under the Panasonic brand.How to use Panasonic wet dry shaver

How to use Panasonic wet dry shaver

Absorb the territory to be shaved high temp water in the shower or shower for a few minutes, or spread in a steaming towel if not in the shower.

This will help relax the hair. Cleanser and condition the hair on the off chance that it is particularly coarse to help mollify it much more. Crush a spot of shaving froth into your hands and work it into foam.

Rub an even layer of the froth onto the territory to be shaved. Give the froth a chance to assimilate into the hair for a couple of minutes before shaving.

Shave the zone. A wet/dry shaver won’t cut your skin. Shave legs in long strokes, contrary to what would be expected. Shave the face in long all over strokes, cautiously following the shapes of the face.

Shave armpits in short here and there and side-to-side strokes. Shave the pubic territory in upward strokes.

Attempt to hold the wet/dry shaver at around a 45-degree point. Wash the sharp edge of the shaver oftentimes as you go. Wet/dry shavers can be submerged in water.

Flush the shaver and pat dry, at that point place it back in its charger.

1. Pre-trim

On the off chance that you haven’t shaven for a couple of days and have more than short stubble, at that point pre-trim before shaving. You can utilize a trimmer or styler connection.

2. Purify

Wash your face with tepid water and a face wash that suits your skin type. You could likewise utilize a facial purging brush for a more profound clean.

3. Foam up

Wet shaving items come in froths and gels. A spot of shaving gel or about a pecan estimated bundle of froth is bounty. Foam and apply to your wet face.

4. Pick a setting

In the event that your shaver has distinctive solace settings, presently’s an ideal opportunity to pick one. In case you don’t know which is ideal, attempt wet shaving a little zone of your face with each to discover the setting that feels best.

5. Delicate round movements

Shave with little, round movements. Continuously begin with light weight, particularly in delicate regions. Squeezing too hard doesn’t assist you with shaving quicker and the expanded grinding can cause skin bothering.

6. Wash normally

To improve the presentation of your wet-dry shaver, flush it under the tap to evacuate overabundance froth and hair as you’re shaving.

7. Last pass

For a much closer shave, increment the weight toward the end, while moving contrary to what would be expected. Once more, be cautious in delicate regions.

8. Troublesome hairs

In case you’re experiencing difficulty getting those last couple of hairs, extend your skin a little to raise the hairs and shave the spots that are hard to reach.

9. Sideburns

Utilize a trimmer or styler connection to trim your sideburns.

10. Facial cleanser

Apply a facial cleanser or emollient for that extra crisp sensation and you’re prepared to go.

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Checking the process of how to use Panasonic wet dry shaver before using any Panasonic shaver is the smart way to avoid accidents during the shaving.