How to use Remington wet dry shaver

An alternative solution to the cutting blades or scraping of the traditional razor is an electric shaver. How to use Remington wet dry shaverThe wet or dry shaver is able to shave with or without water and foam. The wet/ dry shavers are best because –

  1. They are battery operated
  2. Easily rechargeable
  3. Everyone can use – either women or men

The wet/dry shaver with automatic clipper is used for trimming of

  1. Mustache area
  2. Beard area
  3. Sideburns or pubic area

The Remington shaver

The headquarter is located at Madison, North California from which this world-widemanufacturing and distribution of the Remington shaver is done.

There are more than 830 employees are working it this company. As per record of the year 2000, the sales of this Remington shaver are about $365.1 million.

The manufacturing of the Remington shaver is mainly based on two principles –

  1. Personal care and wellness
  2. Shaving and grooming

The important instructions during the use of Remington wet dry shaver

The following instructions has to follow by every user which recommend this one shaver –

  1. Please make sure the place where this shaver is placed is farthest from children’s hand. It may cause some major injuries to the children who play with this shaver as toy.
  2. The charging cord and supporting tools of the shaver place at high side of home where children not easily reach.
  3. If this shaver is damaged at any point, so it is better not to use this one. Th damaged one shaver may cause the hazard to the body.
  4. Don’t place the shaver cord way to the heated surface
  5. Don’t wrap the charging cord with the appliance
  6. Before cleaning of the appliance, make sure the charging switch is off.

Wet shaving

The blades of the wet/dry shaver are blocked because of the shaving of the longer hairs.

The procedure for wet shaving is as follows –

  1. To make the hair soften, soak the shaving area under water or steaming towel, for several minutes.
  2. The area of shaving hair became more soften by using shampoo or conditioner
  3. Shaving foam is equally rubbed on the shaving area
  4. Wait for few minutes the foam is absorbed by hairs
  5. Use the shaver to shave
  6. Hold the shaver at 45-degree angle in water
  7. Rinse the shaver and make dry

The use of the wet/dry shaver is best option to avoid the cut on skin. The shaving of leg is done in long stroke against the grain. The movement for shaving the face in up-down. And the shaving of the armpit is with the direction of up-down and side to side.

Dry shaving

The procedure for wet shaving is as follows –

  1. Instead of Shaving foam, baby powder is used to shave the less coarse hairs
  2. Apply the powder to the shaving area
  3. Use the shaver to shave
  4. Hold the shaver at 45-degree angle
  5. To wipe up the excess hair use brush
  6. Remove the powder from the area by using towel or brush
  7. To avoid the skin irritation, don’t rub too much

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